DadaSoko – EarnSoko Influencer Experience Vol.1

Recently, we held our first Earnsoko influencer experience event that promoted African-cultured designs under DadaSoko, an e-commerce platform empowering women’s businesses made in Africa. It was an amazing opportunity to learn about the platform and the businesses it supports, as well as to connect with like-minded individuals who are passionate about empowering women entrepreneurs.

The event was held in a vibrant and bustling part of the city which is at B-Arcade Mall, Kilimani, and upon arrival, I was immediately struck by the energy and enthusiasm of the attendees. The organizers had done an incredible job of creating an atmosphere of excitement and possibility, and it was clear that everyone was eager to learn more about EarnSoko and the businesses it supports.

Throughout the event, our models showcased a number of inspiring designs from these women entrepreneurs who had used the platform to grow their businesses and reach new customers. They shared a glimpse of their outfits and it was clear that the platform had played a crucial role in helping them to overcome the challenges of starting and growing a business.

One of the things that impressed us most about the platform was its commitment to empowering women entrepreneurs in Africa. By providing them with access to a global marketplace and a range of tools and resources, the platform is helping to level the playing field and create new opportunities for women in a part of the world where entrepreneurship is often a challenging and risky proposition.

Overall, the influencer experience event was a wonderful opportunity to learn about PaySoko and its different platforms which make a real difference in the lives of women entrepreneurs in Africa.